A few more bites of the Elephant.

I finished grouting the floor in the scullery so I could then lift in the double sink. This nearly killed me as it is such a tight fit I could not sheet the side walls until it was in. And it is also rather heavy. You will notice we are not fans of under bench cupboards. It is the CDO again;) Just can’t handle stuff dripping in them if you spill something, you are always banging you knees on them and what you want is always up the back under a heap of other stuff you never use. Cleaning is much easier also. Storage is what pantries are for! Fiat!!


I had stuffed up the tile in the top left corner of the tile picture but as it was very close to the picture I was worried about damaging the picture chipping the tile out. My CDO (OCD in the right order) finally got the better  of me and I very carefully cut it out and it is now fixed and all is well in the world.


A close up of the grouted kitchen wall.


My El-cheapo tile cutter broke awhile ago and I finally got a proper one. Very happy with it.


A bit of a Heath Robertson affair of clamps holding the vanity to the wall while the Sika 291 goes off. Good stuff the 291, unless you ever want to get what you have used it on off again. Yes it is level:)


Toilet sink is in and plumbed. It’s amazing how fast it empties.




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Who Says We Don’t Have A Pot To Piss In

After a busy week we now have a pot to piss in:)

All Grouted and taped ready to silicon seal. I  wont be taping prior to sealing again as it wasn’t any easier and the windex and finger method actually turned out better. The Grout turned  out great though!!






The sink is not fitted yet as I need to get some Sikaflex Marine to stick it to the wall but that is where it will go.20170219_054641757_ios

It was a pain in the arse fitting the loo:)


I love dad jokes:)


No it is not leaking. I had a few beers on the deck with Dave and Karen and couldn’t wait:)




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All the tiles in the loo are on!!

Another bite of the hippopotamus has been had. After a brief delay because a fire that burnt out 3500 ha cane too close for comfort. All the tiles are on in the loo.

All I have to do now is learn how to grout. Then silicone the corners and paint the trim and ceiling.

I had to pull all these tiles off above the window as I stuffed up and they didn’t line up with the other walls. Oops.



The view from the throne.



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Rural Fire Service Legends!

Yesterday I came out to the house with the intention of finishing the tiles in the toilet but ended up hosing the house down as a grass fire came to with in 300m where it was stopped by amazing efforts of the RFS and water bombing aircraft. As of today the fire has burnt over 3000ha and remains out of control.

A big thank you to all the fire fighters who saved so many houses in the area. And to Stevo who skirted all the road blocks to bring me a care package of beer and a hot chook😀😀



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One step back

There was a part of the wall in the kitchen that was annoying me as it was just not straight. So I tore it off today. 

I screwed and glued the cladding to the frame. Which is great unless you have to remove a bit in which case it is really really hard to get off. It took ages. 

That black ceiling looks good even if I do say so myself. 



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Rhubarb Monster

      The comfrey is in flower under the jostaberry. 

      The horseradish has sprung up and is flowering also. 

      Arghh it’s a rhubarb monster. You can just see the roses poking out over the top. 

      We have two rhubarb monsters. This one has raspberries and boysenberries in amongst it. The boysenberry is flowering. 

      Next years garlic beds. The two trees are plums. 

      This is what the laundry looks like with all the junk out of it. 



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      There is a law which says all walls shall be WHITE!

      It seems to have taken an age to get this done. What with weeks of rain, getting the dreaded lurgy and stuffing my back the walls are finally done. Daughter Gabrielle got to help with the first coat as her birthday present. Doing all the cutting in while I followed with the roller.  Now to tidy up and coat the floor with some super epoxy concrete paint.




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      Progress in the laundry. 

      After being crook for a week and what seems weeks of driving rain the laundry has progressed to painting stage. 

      You have to sand the wax coating off the yellow tongue or the paint won’t stick. 

      The big metal thing is our 1000L solar hot water tank which will supply all our domestic hot water and hydronic heating. 

      I love sanding the Festool way. No dust!!

      Things you see when you don’t have a rifle.



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      Air caulking gun

      I have tried many types of caulking guns. Cheap ones not so cheap ones and many in between. Many of which you will find in my paddock where they were chucked out of frustration. 

      But no more I cry for I am now the proud owner of an Air caulking gun. 

      No moving parts. Nothing to bend or break. Just hook up the air, pop in a tube of your favourite goo and away you go. As you will see in this short video. 

      For $80 AUD it is a no brainier really. 



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      Making power again. 

      Those bloody mice pissed, pooed, chewed and destroyed another solar controller. So a quick email to Jennie at http://www.indepower.co.nz/ my go to for all things solar and 3 days later our groovy new Art Deco solar controller arrived. It is made by http://www.midnitesolar.com/

      Here it is making power in the rain. 

      The instructions were clear and it was very easy to set up and program. 

      By the time I packed up for the day it had made 1.5kWh on a stormy raining day. 

      Let’s see the mice eat their way through a heap of silicon. I hope they choke. 



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