Another 4.5kw of solar goes in.

Stan and Pete designed the new solar frame, getting an Ex RAAF engineer and an Ex Army Warrant Officer to reach an agreement is a rare occurrence so these are very special frames. The low profile is excellent. Stan fabricated the frame. DOD and I rammed the posts in, And I welded the frames to the posts/ This took all of Saturday. Then yesterday DOD and I installed all the panels. With DOD washing the accumulated dirt from storage off the panels.

All the posts in. With all of them more than 1000mm in the ground. They aren’t going anywhere. Using the laser to mark the level on each post which was double checked with a spirit level before cutting. The top hats were used as a 10m straight edge.


Frames clamped on ready for welding.


The frames all welded on.


The top hats are screwed to the frames.


All the panels on. Looking good. I think this frame which Stan and Pete designed is the best one yet.






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2017 Garlic planted today

Today I planted this years garlic. After soaking the cloves overnight in a mixture of water, seasol, Garlic seed inoculat and facultative anaerobic microbes I planted each variety in a separate bed and then watered them in with the soaking solution. 

Lokalen a silverskin in this bed

Spanish Roja a creole in this bed

White Zaar a rocambole in this bed 

And Spanish Solace a creole in this bed

I took the pictures so I can remember which is in what bed😀 

Now I have to build 8 more beds to plant into next year. 



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Flashing the House.

Very exciting at the moment as Stan and DOD (Dear Old Dad) are here to help with the build. In particular the flashing as the pieces are long and floppy and I can’t hang them by myself.

This is the west side.


The whole side done. Amazing how the flashings finish it off.


From the other angle. Stan in pic. After 2 days climbing up and down ladders and holding steel above our heads while drilling and fastening we were shattered. But the results were worth the pain.


Starting on the atrium


Looking great


The last side of the atrium, Stan trimming the corners.


Same side different view.


You could play tennis on our roof. The green is the grass growing back after the fires.


For todays effort we flashed the Juliette balcony and half the east side.


Looking north having a colour bond moment


A huge amount of progress. Happy, happy, happy!!




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Island Bench part 2

As well as getting the gas on today I glued down the trim on the island bench. 

I used Sika 291 here again as it sticks like shit to a blanket and is flexible forever. As you can see I could not clamp the top to anything so I weighted it down with bags of concrete. 



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Cooking With Gas

Why spend a lot of coin on a domestic oven that looks like a commercial oven when you can spend less and get a proper commercial oven. A low maintenance kitchen will be a joy. 

All the laser film removed (I hate that stuff it’s a real pain to remove) and in place in all its shininess. 

A shot of the whole cooking part of the kitchen. 

A close up. 

And throwing out some joules. We had to turn it off quickly as it heated up the room so fast the plumber and I were melting. 



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Trimming the Island Bench

The last couple of days I have been trimming the island bench in Karri. Some tricky joinery, at least for me, as there are a number of mitre joins involved a mistake on any of them would result in ruining an expensive piece of timber.

A dry run to check all the mitres are good.20170319_022546429_iOS20170319_022542718_iOS

Each mitre gets 3 Dominoes. Epoxy is strong in shear and tension but not in peel so the domino prevents peel forces. And glued with epoxy.20170319_045137732_iOS

Then each mitre is clamped with a Chestnut mitre clamp from the Chestnut Tool and Chowder Company, which are a very cool piece of kit and Jim is a great bloke.


A full width view. I am very happy with how it is going and am looking forward to what it will look like finished in the Livos Oil.





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A few more bites of the Elephant.

I finished grouting the floor in the scullery so I could then lift in the double sink. This nearly killed me as it is such a tight fit I could not sheet the side walls until it was in. And it is also rather heavy. You will notice we are not fans of under bench cupboards. It is the CDO again;) Just can’t handle stuff dripping in them if you spill something, you are always banging you knees on them and what you want is always up the back under a heap of other stuff you never use. Cleaning is much easier also. Storage is what pantries are for! Fiat!!


I had stuffed up the tile in the top left corner of the tile picture but as it was very close to the picture I was worried about damaging the picture chipping the tile out. My CDO (OCD in the right order) finally got the better  of me and I very carefully cut it out and it is now fixed and all is well in the world.


A close up of the grouted kitchen wall.


My El-cheapo tile cutter broke awhile ago and I finally got a proper one. Very happy with it.


A bit of a Heath Robertson affair of clamps holding the vanity to the wall while the Sika 291 goes off. Good stuff the 291, unless you ever want to get what you have used it on off again. Yes it is level:)


Toilet sink is in and plumbed. It’s amazing how fast it empties.




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