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Spring Garden

The day time temperature is now above 10 deg now spring has sprung and the vegetables are taking off.  Broad bean flowers    Garlic chives in hydroponic AutoPots. Cut and re grows for continuos harvest.    Garlic in hydroponic AutoPots     … Continue reading

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2015 Garlic Crop

Yesterday was a lovely autumnal day so I planted this years garlic crop. I have doubled the amount planted this year and plan to double the crop size every year so with the power of compounding we should be able … Continue reading

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How does our garden grow

Hi there, It is nearly the end of winter and we have had quite a few frosts with temps down to -9 (our pipes freeze at -7). Our garden in pots has been keeping us well supplied. We have not … Continue reading

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7 JULY 2014

Hi all, Sorry it has been a while since my last update but things have been happening, slowly, but happening none the less. I have fitted some doors with the help of DOD (Dear Old Dad). A new, improved raised … Continue reading

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13 MAR 2013

OiOi, Well although I have been slow on the updates I ain’t been sitting on my hands. The atrium is all walled in and ready to fill with dirt. Luckily I have a heap of clean fill from the sewage … Continue reading

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9 Jan 2013

Hi All, Bit of excitement this week. The Stevos had a big fire close to their new farm near Yass and the Fire in Bungendore burnt to Stans boundary. Both properties remain safe at present but things remain in a … Continue reading

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28 NOV 2012

OiOi, Things are going on a pace now I am on leave and DOD is down. We now have DOD, Lach, Angus and myself on the job and anyone else wanting a relaxing holiday in Bungendore is most welcome. The … Continue reading

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