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More power, more power, more power, more power. 

Yesterday Stan and I wired up the new solar panels. Today we made over 20kWh😀 Now we have a pair of Midnite Solar Classic controllers.  Both the pos and neg lines have breakers in Midnite Solar combiners. All the solar … Continue reading

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All the flashing on

After a big day by DOD, Stan and I. The house is fully dressed and sparrow proof now with all the flashings on.  The western side.  The north side or front of the house.  The eastern side.  Working at height … Continue reading

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Spicy Lentil Dahl

Jo got this recipe from BBC goodfood and it is the best ever, number one, all time greatest Dahl. Even Stan who doesn’t like Dahl said it was good. We generally have it with boiled eggs.  Pic from tinternet.  Ingredients  … Continue reading

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Laundry bench

The glue up for the laundry bench took every clamp I had. It is made from 3 layers of merbau bench tops to Make a 75mm bench.  The first 2 layers glued with liquid nails I used polyurethane glue for … Continue reading

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Another 4.5kw of solar goes in.

Stan and Pete designed the new solar frame, getting an Ex RAAF engineer and an Ex Army Warrant Officer to reach an agreement is a rare occurrence so these are very special frames. The low profile is excellent. Stan fabricated … Continue reading

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2017 Garlic planted today

Today I planted this years garlic. After soaking the cloves overnight in a mixture of water, seasol, Garlic seed inoculat and facultative anaerobic microbes I planted each variety in a separate bed and then watered them in with the soaking … Continue reading

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Flashing the House.

Very exciting at the moment as Stan and DOD (Dear Old Dad) are here to help with the build. In particular the flashing as the pieces are long and floppy and I can’t hang them by myself. This is the … Continue reading

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Island Bench part 2

As well as getting the gas on today I glued down the trim on the island bench.  I used Sika 291 here again as it sticks like shit to a blanket and is flexible forever. As you can see I … Continue reading

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Cooking With Gas

Why spend a lot of coin on a domestic oven that looks like a commercial oven when you can spend less and get a proper commercial oven. A low maintenance kitchen will be a joy.  All the laser film removed … Continue reading

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Trimming the Island Bench

The last couple of days I have been trimming the island bench in Karri. Some tricky joinery, at least for me, as there are a number of mitre joins involved a mistake on any of them would result in ruining … Continue reading

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