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Doug Maloney mallet 

Doug Maloney Made this wonderful mallet. I love it when form and function unite as it does here. It fits the hand beautifully and the balance is spot on. Stan said that it was too cool to hit anything with. Well … Continue reading

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Pantry floor tiled

Last week with the help of Dave the famous/infamous jerky maker from Canberra the tiles went on the floor in the pantry. The walk in pantry is 2400mm x 3200mm which negates the need for under bench cupboards. Our fridge and freezer … Continue reading

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Finishing the island bench

 Last week I started finishing the trim on the island bench. I sanded to 120 grit as per the instructions from Livos Australia with Abranet and then applied their counter too oil. I find abranet gives a better finish than paper abrasives. I … Continue reading

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More power, more power, more power, more power. 

Yesterday Stan and I wired up the new solar panels. Today we made over 20kWh😀 Now we have a pair of Midnite Solar Classic controllers.  Both the pos and neg lines have breakers in Midnite Solar combiners. All the solar … Continue reading

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All the flashing on

After a big day by DOD, Stan and I. The house is fully dressed and sparrow proof now with all the flashings on.  The western side.  The north side or front of the house.  The eastern side.  Working at height … Continue reading

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Spicy Lentil Dahl

Jo got this recipe from BBC goodfood and it is the best ever, number one, all time greatest Dahl. Even Stan who doesn’t like Dahl said it was good. We generally have it with boiled eggs.  Pic from tinternet.  Ingredients  … Continue reading

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Laundry bench

The glue up for the laundry bench took every clamp I had. It is made from 3 layers of merbau bench tops to Make a 75mm bench.  The first 2 layers glued with liquid nails I used polyurethane glue for … Continue reading

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