House build up date

I have been busy doing lots of little bits that were not big enough for a single post but mostly involved lots of tedious sanding.

The laundry bench is all oiled.

Callum’s door is painted just waiting  to add a couple of coats of clear. I used Aquacote which took some getting used too. This top coat is sprayed and gave a very nice finish. I knew I did that aircraft spray painting course years ago for a reason. Very high gloss. It drys so hard it can be cut and polished. It is a boat paint so good practice for F&S Custom Perfomance Boats. It is British racing green.

The sink is leak tested. Oo shiny chrome.

This is the drain for the kitchen sink. I couldn’t have cut that hole better if I had measured it. Not having a slab makes plumbing a dream.

I fixed the area above the kitchen door that didn’t line up with the ceiling.



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