Finishing the island bench

 Last week I started finishing the trim on the island bench. I sanded to 120 grit as per the instructions from Livos Australia with Abranet and then applied their counter too oil. I find abranet gives a better finish than paper abrasives. I had spent a lot of time trying to match the wood filler to the colour of the karri and thought I had nailed it but when I applied the oil it stuck out like dogs balls. Livos recommended that next time to apply a little water first to see what it will look like when oiled.  The good thing is with the oil it is easy to fix blemishes that appear. It is just a matter of sanding and re oiling which is very easy to do. The oiled surface is very tactile. Just lovely to run your hand along. I will burnish the surface in between coats with Festool Vlies on my sander which is like a very fine scotch brite. 



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