All the flashing on

After a big day by DOD, Stan and I. The house is fully dressed and sparrow proof now with all the flashings on. 

The western side. 

The north side or front of the house. 

The eastern side. 

Working at height on that narrow strip was not as much fun as it looks😐 

The purpose of this hole is to let light into the lounge. 

DOD checking out the progress. 

The rail was to minimise the risk of a sudden stop on reaching the ground. 

Got to love visual progress👍👍



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3 Responses to All the flashing on

  1. Simon says:

    Fabulous stuff, very neat.


  2. Heather J Robb says:

    What a difference it makes Andrew. Looks 👍🏿 great. Certainly can see the progress, just wonderful. Love H


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