Another 4.5kw of solar goes in.

Stan and Pete designed the new solar frame, getting an Ex RAAF engineer and an Ex Army Warrant Officer to reach an agreement is a rare occurrence so these are very special frames. The low profile is excellent. Stan fabricated the frame. DOD and I rammed the posts in, And I welded the frames to the posts/ This took all of Saturday. Then yesterday DOD and I installed all the panels. With DOD washing the accumulated dirt from storage off the panels.

All the posts in. With all of them more than 1000mm in the ground. They aren’t going anywhere. Using the laser to mark the level on each post which was double checked with a spirit level before cutting. The top hats were used as a 10m straight edge.


Frames clamped on ready for welding.


The frames all welded on.


The top hats are screwed to the frames.


All the panels on. Looking good. I think this frame which Stan and Pete designed is the best one yet.






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