Flashing the House.

Very exciting at the moment as Stan and DOD (Dear Old Dad) are here to help with the build. In particular the flashing as the pieces are long and floppy and I can’t hang them by myself.

This is the west side.


The whole side done. Amazing how the flashings finish it off.


From the other angle. Stan in pic. After 2 days climbing up and down ladders and holding steel above our heads while drilling and fastening we were shattered. But the results were worth the pain.


Starting on the atrium


Looking great


The last side of the atrium, Stan trimming the corners.


Same side different view.


You could play tennis on our roof. The green is the grass growing back after the fires.


For todays effort we flashed the Juliette balcony and half the east side.


Looking north having a colour bond moment


A huge amount of progress. Happy, happy, happy!!




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