Trimming the Island Bench

The last couple of days I have been trimming the island bench in Karri. Some tricky joinery, at least for me, as there are a number of mitre joins involved a mistake on any of them would result in ruining an expensive piece of timber.

A dry run to check all the mitres are good.20170319_022546429_iOS20170319_022542718_iOS

Each mitre gets 3 Dominoes. Epoxy is strong in shear and tension but not in peel so the domino prevents peel forces. And glued with epoxy.20170319_045137732_iOS

Then each mitre is clamped with a Chestnut mitre clamp from the Chestnut Tool and Chowder Company, which are a very cool piece of kit and Jim is a great bloke.


A full width view. I am very happy with how it is going and am looking forward to what it will look like finished in the Livos Oil.





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1 Response to Trimming the Island Bench

  1. Angela says:

    Looking forward to seeing it finished…will look brilliant.


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