A few more bites of the Elephant.

I finished grouting the floor in the scullery so I could then lift in the double sink. This nearly killed me as it is such a tight fit I could not sheet the side walls until it was in. And it is also rather heavy. You will notice we are not fans of under bench cupboards. It is the CDO again;) Just can’t handle stuff dripping in them if you spill something, you are always banging you knees on them and what you want is always up the back under a heap of other stuff you never use. Cleaning is much easier also. Storage is what pantries are for! Fiat!!


I had stuffed up the tile in the top left corner of the tile picture but as it was very close to the picture I was worried about damaging the picture chipping the tile out. My CDO (OCD in the right order) finally got the better  of me and I very carefully cut it out and it is now fixed and all is well in the world.


A close up of the grouted kitchen wall.


My El-cheapo tile cutter broke awhile ago and I finally got a proper one. Very happy with it.


A bit of a Heath Robertson affair of clamps holding the vanity to the wall while the Sika 291 goes off. Good stuff the 291, unless you ever want to get what you have used it on off again. Yes it is level:)


Toilet sink is in and plumbed. It’s amazing how fast it empties.




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