Who Says We Don’t Have A Pot To Piss In

After a busy week we now have a pot to piss in:)

All Grouted and taped ready to silicon seal. I  wont be taping prior to sealing again as it wasn’t any easier and the windex and finger method actually turned out better. The Grout turned  out great though!!






The sink is not fitted yet as I need to get some Sikaflex Marine to stick it to the wall but that is where it will go.20170219_054641757_ios

It was a pain in the arse fitting the loo:)


I love dad jokes:)


No it is not leaking. I had a few beers on the deck with Dave and Karen and couldn’t wait:)




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1 Response to Who Says We Don’t Have A Pot To Piss In

  1. Finger & Windex? Accountants use pencil 2 budget!

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