A little progress. 

Here we go. Things have been a bit slow for a while as I have been working far too much and building far too little. To change this I have changed jobs and work hours and now work seven in seven off night shift. This should give me more days off in a row to progress the build. At least that’s the plan. 

As I had a large pile of sleepers in the way I turned them into 2 new raised beds. As per usual I will plant a fruit tree in each and plant garlic around them. 

For these beds I used the steel corners for making retaining walls. I initially fastened them with concrete nails as the timber is iron bark. I used Ramset concrete nails as all the other brands bent or broke. That was until the hardware ran out. I then used Buildex Timber Construction screws which coped with the iron bark and worked out cheaper. All in all this method worked out much more cost effective than the other versions. 


Multi construction drill bits drill everything – badly. Don’t waste your coin. 

As I have all the bedrooms and lounge full of tools I decided to sheet the laundry to both tick that box, give me a place to organise my tools and space in the house to actually work. 

The sheeting is 18mm yellow tongue flooring which is fast, strong. cheap and gives a good base to screw shelves to. 


I used twisted shank decking nails to fasten the sheeting. Much faster than screws and should hold well in the rubbish blue pine framing. 



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  1. Dave says:

    Nice big fella


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