Parken drill press spindle runout check

The other week I had a quick trip to Melbourne to pick up a second hand Parken Drill Press. Parken are Australian made precision machines and I was very lucky to find one used as they are serious coin new. 

Parken drill presses are made to a standard not a price. Unusual in this modern race to the bottom. The pulleys are machined steel. It is very heavy. So what sort of standard are they made too? Let’s run an indicator over it and see what the spindle runout is. 


How good is that. I had to do it twice as I could not believe it. I even sent the video to Chris Vesper of Vesper Tools to make sure I was doing it right. His comment was ‘it is a Parken you know’.

This is part 2.


The Noga magnetic indicator holder is a great piece of kit as well. It locks up rock solid. And the fine adjust is magic. 



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