Parken Drill Press

I have been lusting after a Parken drill press for a while but as with many things that are made contrary to the current race to the bottom they are not cheap. That is why I jumped on this second hand model as soon as I saw it. These drills are still made in Australia which is amazing in its self. This bench model is nine speed, 3 phase and is seriously heavy, heavier than many race to the bottom floor standing drills I looked at. The pulleys are all machined steel. The knobs on the handle are Bakelite. And the handle slides only when you want it to, its like it was made to fit. Who would have thought. Now all I need to do is weld up a very very strong bench for it to sit on and get the lads over to get it from the floor to the bench. I will do a video when I have it running and indicate the spindle to see what the run out is like, their top model has 10 micron run out so we will see.



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