Quick and dirty sawhorses

The hardware is full of lovely folding sawhorses which are great.. except they fold. And not usually when you want them too. Which is why I have a heap of steel on the ground. I know what you are thinking cheap folding sawhorses are not designed for stacking steel on. Or standing on for that matter. Well the world is full of smart arses who can state the bleeding obvious so bugger off. Being sick of buying rubbish sawhorses from the hardware that you can’t stack steel on I decided to make my own. 

These are made from rubbish blue pine that I am ashamed to use but needs must. I made them with only hand tools. A saw, tape, drill, speed square and a sharpie. The cost in materials was $20 each. The second one was much easier as I had a sawhorse to build it on. 

The drawings I used are here but there are lots of other sites with the same. 


Now to move all that steel. 



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2 Responses to Quick and dirty sawhorses

  1. allanrobb says:

    Does it come in other colours? ROFL


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