2016 Passata

I bottled this years Passata today. not as much as last year but that’s OK as we still have some left from last year. I grew San Marzano this year which is a traditional Italian bottling tomato and as you can see the colour is fantastic, much redder than last years which was made from Costaluto Genovese.20160321_064635200_iOS.jpg

The bottle in the middle is from last year and is quite a bit paler than this years. The smell of the passata simmering went through the whole house. It was amazing. I don’t process the passata to remove the seeds and skins. I just can’t see the point in getting rid of those sources of flavour and goodness.


Only half a dozen jars so I will have to grow a heap more next year. We also grew Tommy Toes, a cherry tomato and Gross Lisse a beefsteak tomato which kept us in eating tomatoes for the last 3 months.



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