Purple Drippers – Truck Stop Rock

It is Dor on the Basses birthday in June. Half a century+/- for us all now. Not too ravaged by our misspent youth, 30’s and 40’s.

As Hank Bukowski says “Live life so well Death trembles”



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6 Responses to Purple Drippers – Truck Stop Rock

  1. Allan S Robb says:

    Sonno, this was so good that I watched it twice … that young bloke on Scopo turned in2 a piano player. It’s a keeper: will U get 2 his birthday celebration, I ponder. LOLDOD

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  2. Mrs Condor says:

    Hey Franky, that’s actually Slim Pickens on bass in this video. There’s a tiny bit of Condor playing harmonica with the Drippers at around 1:20 on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N71JRMcgeg


    • Franky says:

      How embarrassing. We really do need to catch up. No wonder I thought he had aged well. Big nose playing bass how could it not be Dor
      Not sure who that works for Dor being mistaken for Slim or Slim for Dor. Hopefully Dor is laughing his arse off and I have a big hole to dig myself out of.


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