Summer Days

The Summer growing season is going well.

We have our first flowers on our pomegranates so with luck we may get our first fruit. The flowers are beautiful in a ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ kind of way.



Whilst tidying up the other day I happened across this not so little beauty. With a bum like that it should be in a RAP video. It was a little bigger than the head of the hammer…20160111_025639634_iOS.jpg

I have harvested this years ‘Daves Favorite’ garlic. Now I have to build more raised beds for coming seasons crop. The smell from a whole pile of garlic is amazing. Dave is the King of jerky so I look forward to tasting the garlic in some.


There are many varieties of lavender. The current trend seems to be really flouncy heads, all show but no substance. While these may be fine for the Kardashians. I much prefer the simple classical elegance of these. The stems are long, perfect for cutting and hanging as bunches. Bees love them so we plan to propagate lots of lavender and make lavender flower honey.20151221_032703603_iOS.jpg




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