All the Posts Are In

My trials with rather large rocks continued but finally I got all the posts concreted in.

The last rock was even bigger than the previous one. It took 14 bags of premix concrete to fill the hole it left.


This will give you an idea of what all the hole digging has been for. This horizontal run is the level from the shed that will be the carport for Jo’s car. From the look of it it will swallow about 40 ton of road base to make it level. On the right side will be raised garden beds, basically 2400 x 1200 x 600 boxes that will follow the natural fall of the ground (there are too many rocks to try and make everything level) and form the perimeter of the ‘house paddock’ all up about 50 boxes. Each box will have a different fruit tree planted in it. The 200 x 75mm sleepers will go to the top of the posts as a wind break/zombie barrier:)




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1 Response to All the Posts Are In

  1. simon standing says:

    Can you use sand from the sand mine to fill it up ? Only have to hire a tipper then, I know someone who has an excavator and one of his mates has a sand mine

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