I Win Or Sisyphus Toils Some More

Sometimes I feel a little like Sisyphus there are so many rocks to toil over out at the farm. They seem to appear exactly where I need to dig a hole. Today I prevailed yet again though and after 2 and a bit days with a crowbar the monster was beaten.

A bit of She’ll Be Right bush engineering – a tripod made from 3 star pickets and wire to hold the come-a-long.


Well it’s out.


Added some planks in case something breaks so the rock doesn’t fall back in the hole. Also so I could lower it and roll the rock up the hill (not really but the story did start with Sisyphus).


The spade is for scale, the hole is a bit over 900mm deep. It is going to take a few bags of concrete to fill that hole.


Well there is the bugger, the WD40 is for scale


Only one hole to go!!



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2 Responses to I Win Or Sisyphus Toils Some More

  1. Stevo says:

    That’s is a lovely rock. I think you need to start a dry stone wall it will make a terrific keystone.

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