Eclipse Levels – as tough as advertised

This is not something I would recommend doing to a precision tool but if you are dumb enough to leave your level in long grass it is good to know it will survive.

This week I have been building a fence/wall that will form one side of a new raised garden bed and a retaining wall for a carport pad in front of the shed. As you can see it is a bit wet and miserable and I have had to dig some big rocks out of the post holes. These big rocks have resulted in making the holes much bigger than necessary and so use much more concrete. And 3 days working with crowbar and spade digging the holes I am sore all over. Be glad to go back to work for a rest.

IMG_0094 IMG_0095

After yet aouther a trip to the hardware for more concrete I couldn’t find my level. Yep you guessed it I had left it on the grass and parked the Land Rover on it – a bit of a Homer Simpson moment. Luckily as you can see from the picture the Eclipse Level is made idiot proof tough and suffered no ill effects. I checked it with a straight edge and all good


So there you go Eclipse Levels Franky proof.



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1 Response to Eclipse Levels – as tough as advertised

  1. allanrobb says:

    Usually, when I mislay tools, I go & buy a replacement, which is why I have 3 laptops, two printers, 2 large screens, but only 1 wife.

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