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La Marsellaise

La Marsellaise, if you have ever read the words, is unlike most any other national anthem. It is an anthem to freedom, a call to stand against tyranny, a battle cry. I think the most important verse in light of … Continue reading

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All the Posts Are In

My trials with rather large rocks continued but finally I got all the posts concreted in. The last rock was even bigger than the previous one. It took 14 bags of premix concrete to fill the hole it left. This … Continue reading

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I Win Or Sisyphus Toils Some More

Sometimes I feel a little like Sisyphus there are so many rocks to toil over out at the farm. They seem to appear exactly where I need to dig a hole. Today I prevailed yet again though and after 2 … Continue reading

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An ode to plywood

I am a fan of plywood, at least the good quality variety. I have no idea why you would use MDF when ply is so much better and cheaper in some cases. Anyway I found this on the interweb. It … Continue reading

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Eclipse Levels – as tough as advertised

This is not something I would recommend doing to a precision tool but if you are dumb enough to leave your level in long grass it is good to know it will survive. This week I have been building a … Continue reading

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