Rhubarb at Food Lovers Bungendore

As we have more rhubarb than we know what to do with or can give away I decided to see if the local market/cafe/deli would like some. 

Yes they do. 

So today I delivered 3 bunches of Rhubarb tied in lovely twine bows to the Food Lovers Market in Bungendore. 

So drop in, get a coffee and one of their fantastic toasted sandwiches then some rhubarb & veg as you leave. 



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5 Responses to Rhubarb at Food Lovers Bungendore

  1. stan says:

    get that Garlic into the shop as well,

    and see if they need a loading ramp, we can do them a deal on one of those

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  2. Kirsty says:

    And don’t forget the two sisters love rhubarb too (I do share with Kate I promise). Oh, and we like garlic too, just not with our rhubarb…


    • Franky says:

      Don’t worry those 3 bunches came from one plant. What I gave to Sally and Peter last week was from one plant also. I have 15 or so plants so plenty to go around. I also still have some of this years garlic left.


  3. allanrobb says:

    I can sell it wherever I stop in my Ute-iful home, help defray diesel costs

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    • allanrobb says:

      Addendum: that cooler bag full of trimmed stalks never made it past h’s villa – rhubarb in the morning, rhubarb the evening, rhubarb @ suppertime … hmm must write a song


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