Frank & Stan constructions build an awesome loading ramp

Frank & Stan Constructions a wholly owned division of She’ll Be Right Engineering has just completed a loading ramp build so Stan can unload the pasture aerators he imports from the US at his farm. See them here at Ranch Worx Australia. I am pretty impressed with it so I thought I would share it here to record how to build a really good loading ramp.

Step 1.

Cut into the side of a convenient slope.


Ram the posts in. We have a pneumatic post driver for this which is gold. It is by Marchants and makes life much easier when doing fencing or driving steel posts or pickets.


But when you hit rock there is nothing you can do but get out the jack hammer and concrete them in with 50 Mpa concrete. The 2 corner posts I could only get in 700mm the rest are in 900mm.


A heap of 200mm x 75mm hardwood sleepers from the Braidwood Sawmill.


Back wall done, 1200mm high. The posts in the middle were doubled up to add strength.


The top all filled with road base, 12 ton in all, not that it looks like it.



Another 18 Ton of road base to level the entry and make it suitable for all weather and the jobs done.


Now isn’t that a mighty fine looking loading ramp. I know the green eyed giant has reared its ugly head and you’re all envious that your loading ramp is not as grand as this. But that is Frank & Stan Constructions for you – all style and grace, quality done right.



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