Olive Planting

Today I did some more tiling but rather than bore you with more pics of tiles I will just share the other things I did.

I planted 5 olives as I need the Rocket Pots for the 30 olives I ordered the other day. The varieties are Spanish Queen and Mission. I planted them close together at the back of the house as I want them to form a hedge and block some of the southerly wind. I  saw the plastic trays at the local farm supply. They apparently promote tree growth by funnelling  water to the tree and creating  a weed free zone. I plant the trees in a depression to hold water as well so we will see if they work. I wish we had enough rain to have to plant trees on mounds.

The other olives I ordered are Coratina, Picual, and Arbequina – no monocultures at Winsome Hall it’s biodiversity all the way. We plan to plant as many varieties of as many things as possible. I found an online nursery that is a retail outlet for a commercial Olive grower called Fruit Tree Lane that sells olives for a very reasonable price – $5.50 so I ordered 5 of each. We will see how good their product is when they arrive.



I also got a pile of 8″x3″ hardwood sleepers from the Braidwood sawmill. Old railway sleepers cost $30 to $40 these brand new ones I got for $14. They will become more raised beds and fence posts (The 2 weathered ones I had left over from the other raised beds).




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