Spring Garden

The day time temperature is now above 10 deg now spring has sprung and the vegetables are taking off. 

Broad bean flowers   
Garlic chives in hydroponic AutoPots. Cut and re grows for continuos harvest. 

Garlic in hydroponic AutoPots

Russian kale grows better in warm weather cuts and regrows for a continuous harvest

Board beans flowering. 

Lettuce in AutoPot hydroponic system

Hydroponic lettuce in AutoPot. 

Flower heads on kale are yummy also. 

Tuscan kale grows best in winter. Loves frost and is sweeter after a frost. Cut and regrow for continuous harvest also. 

Cos lettuce goes well in a pot fed with seasol. 

Chives also just cut and regrow for a continuous harvest we need more but. 

Silverbeet which we have been eating all winter and is still going strong. Have been eating it for nearly a year now. 



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2 Responses to Spring Garden

  1. allanrobb says:

    The (sic) board bean flowers will B woody when they mature – (haha)

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