Milton Glasser On Monocle 24

We discovered Monocle 24 a radio station on the inter web a while ago. It is everything a radio station should be but rarely is. A great mix of news, music and information, balanced with no opinion – you get to make your own mind up instead of being told what to think. The ABC Radio National rebroadcasts some of their programs in the middle of the night which gives someone like me who doesn’t sleep something worthwhile to listen to instead of FM brain rot. 

At the risk of exposing what a nong I am I have only just figured out I can stream it through the TV, IPad, phone and listen all the time. Who would have thought you could do this with an Internet radio station? Why mention this? Well having figured this out, we were listening to Monocle yesterday and there was an interview with Milton Glasser which was fabulous -check it out at the above link- but the take home was this quote

“Art has no purpose outside survival” 

Milton Glasser




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