Kirsty’s birthday roses

Recently I was rather spoiled and was given a heap of bare root roses for my birthday by sister Kirsty. Today I was admonished for not having posted any pictures of them in the ground. Well the reason for this was that I actually hadn’t planted them yet. Oops.

So today in the wind and rain…

 Now I know they are not much to look at at the moment, roses never are in winter.

But when

  • Mr Lincon
  • Duet
  • Zaide 
  • Sightsaver 
  • Big Purple
  • Winter Sun
  • Ice Girl
  • Barbara Streisand 
  • Diamond Jubilee 

are blooming under the 2 lemons (in winter coats) and pomegranate it will look fantastic and make the walk along the path into the house a fragrant joy.

For future reference the following are on my list of must have roses.

David Austin Roses- Jude the obscure. Molineux. Sophy’s Rose, Summer Song. Winchester Cathedral. Falstaff. Princess Alexandra of Kent Claire Austin.

Ground cover roses- Amber Sun, Mainaufeuer. Summers Evening.

Climbing Roses- Pierre De Ronsard, New Dawn, Gold Bunny, Golden Gate, Papa Meilland, Peace, Wedding Day.

Rugosa roses- Belle Poitevine, Conrad Meyer. Fimbriata, Freycinet. Roseraie De La Hay, Rugosa Alba, Sara Van Fleet, Scab Rosa.

Fragrant roses- Dolly Parton, Fragrant Cloud, Friesha, Papa Meilland, Vol De Nuit, Reine Des Violettes, Ingrid Bergman, Graham Thomas, Queen Elizabeth, Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, Eternal Flame, Wild Cat.

Cut flower roses- Cherry Lady, Akito, Bugatti, Calibra, Emely, Limona, Poetry, Shocking Blue.
Thanks in advance.


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