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We grow a fair bit of horseradish. It is planted in a raised bed as it can be a bit of a monster if it is not contained. It is a fabulous high yielder that takes minimal care and provides … Continue reading

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Get a load of the hand painted tile picture.

I was going to wait until I had finished tiling this wall before blogging pictures but I was so excited about how good the tile picture looked I couldn’t wait to show it off. This is the last wall in … Continue reading

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The Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci – Or Homework Continues

In this episode of homework or playing with crayons I construct the golden rectangle on graph paper as it seems I need more practice to draw without training wheels. The video says it all so if you have nothing you … Continue reading

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Sam Bell Is Going To The World Disabled Water Skiing Championships

OiOi, Sam Bell is a local builder who got our house up and running by standing all the frames for us. Aside from being a good bloke with a cracking dry sense of humour he is an absolute machine, easily … Continue reading

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