A Braidwood Story

Jo, Callum, Jac the Kelpie and I go to Braidwood every Saturday to get our bread and have a coffee and pastry from The Dojo bakery (Jac has a croissant as she was born on Bastille Day and so is a French Kelpie). Braidwood is a lovely town full of forgotten and not so forgotten history and an eclectic bunch of residents that make for a vibrant community.

This lovely story was from a link on Prof Keith Lyons, who is Jo’s PHD supervisor, Clyde Street blog.




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1 Response to A Braidwood Story

  1. Stevo says:

    Nice one Franky. Donna and I love to see the horses decked out in their Light Horse gear. We went to the Jindabyne Dawn service a few years ago, where they had half a dozen horses. It adds a great atmosphere and smell to the service. Cheers Stevo

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