Dismal weather but work goes on.

The cold weather has officially arrived with very cold rain and wind. But despite the unpleasantness I did get a bit done this week, mostly tuning the SawStop table saw (Their video is pretty cool)(save me loosing more fingers) as it was too horrible to go outside.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad outside so I could mix tile glue without getting drenched and frozen so I started tiling on the underside of the Island bench. Looking good Lewis.

Hell on my knees but.


I removed the perfectly fine OEM saw fence from the SawStop and fitted the Inca fence/positioner system to the bench as well as the router table and Triton router and the Incra mitre gauge. The Incra fence will cover both the saw and router and increase the accuracy of both. Which will help to make the trim around doors and windows look great.

IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606

The router fitted to the mounting plate with no problems at all. The height is easily adjusted from the top of the table and bit changes can be done from the top of the table also.


I checked the alignment of the saw fence with an indicator, 6 thousands of an inch difference front to back. The alignment of the blade was 2 thou front to back. I also tested the positional repeatability of the fence by moving it in and out shaking it about and then returning it to the original position. 10/10 times it zeroed out on the indicator which is pretty cool.

IMG_0608 IMG_0609

I also made a few more batches of passata this week, I will spare you more pics of jars of sauce though.



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4 Responses to Dismal weather but work goes on.

  1. Matt Whitt says:

    Franky, I just found your pictures and site doing an image search for Saw Stop and Incra. I bought a sawstop contractor saw this week and ordered what looks like the same incra fence and router setup. I see you have the cast iron wings, I settled for the pressed wings. I am wondering how the strength of your right side wing feels without the front and back rails that would normally be attached with the fence for structure. I am worried about my pressed ones being a little too weak (there is a bit of flex when a small amount of downward pressure is applied) without the added structure of the rails but would rather not have to buy 2 cast iron wings when I only need 1. Do you think the incra fence can be used with the rails for structure? Also if you are willing to share, are there any installation notes you would make for installing the incra fence on sawstop?

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    • Franky says:

      Hello Matt,
      I think you will be happy with the Sawstop it is an awesome saw. I think the cast iron wings are the way to go even if you only need one the other is handy to have if you ever decide to remove the router to have a separate router table. I am still in two minds as to whether having the router on the saw is a good solution. It suits me at the moment but when I have finished the house I am thinking I will build a table like Pat Warner describes. I am also thinking of using the spare cast wing for mounting a Taig lathe on. The cast wing is very strong with minimal flex and a guzzillion times better than the pressed wings in my opinion. And the cost of the cast iron is minimal compared the the Incra setup which would be a waste with the pressed wings I think. The long incra rails which come with the fence also provide plenty of support as well and is a great upgrade from the standard fence (there is nothing wrong with the standard fence). As far as installing the Incra to the saw it is very easy, it just bolts on. The Incra instructions are great. A good strong straight edge is a must though. If you know a machinist it is always possible to mount the router in the cast iron wing on the left side which would be a very good solution.
      Those this helps. If you have any other questions just let me know. And thanks for dropping by.


  2. Justin Pavone says:

    Awesome setup you have there! I am considering the same sawstop contractor saw and was looking at the incra tsls systems. What sizing did you go with for the entire fence/rail system and what size router table wing fits within the rails?


    • Franky says:

      Hello Justin,
      Yes the system is great. I am still undecided as to whether a seperate router table would be better or not. The Incra is the 32″ version with 72″ rails. Any table that is the same width as the saw table will fit, pretty much any standard router table I think. Mine is 685mm x 600mm from Professional Woodworking Supplies here in Australia.


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