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Gran’s Green Tomato Pickles

This is a new pickle recipe that I found on the tinternet. I made a batch and had it taste tested by a team of experts consisting of Angus, Dave and Jo and it was voted the best yet, better … Continue reading

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A Braidwood Story

Jo, Callum, Jac the Kelpie and I go to Braidwood every Saturday to get our bread and have a coffee and pastry from The Dojo bakery (Jac has a croissant as she was born on Bastille Day and so is … Continue reading

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Island Bench Tiling Finished

It was lovely inside during the dismal weather this week. Perfect for finishing the tiling on the island bench.      Sorry about the shadow from the light. Now for the trim.  Cheers Franky 

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A Sky With Colours Straight Out Of A Turner Painting

Yesterday we had a sky with colours straight out of a Turner painting. Enjoy Franky

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Green Tomato Chutney/Pickles/Relish

This is one for Aunty Kirsty who asked about Green Tomato pickles/chutney/relish. The Ladies at the Country Womens Association (CWA) are very definite about which is which when it comes to pickles, relish and chutney. Nana Phillips used to call … Continue reading

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Dismal weather but work goes on.

The cold weather has officially arrived with very cold rain and wind. But despite the unpleasantness I did get a bit done this week, mostly tuning the SawStop table saw (Their video is pretty cool)(save me loosing more fingers) as it … Continue reading

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