Deck Railing Success

Dave came out today for a social visit partly because he likes the house and where it is and partly to pick up a pile of ‘Daves Favourite’ garlic and some horseradish. I am glad he likes the horseradish as we have a lot of it because it grows like a weed (have to be careful where you plant it) and not many people know what to do with it these days because it is not something that grows, rather it is something that comes in a jar from the shop or dyed green in packets with sushi.

I also cut the mitre on the long rail and cut out the other end to fit with the existing rail. The steel comes in 6m lengths and the finished rail needed to be 5995mm so not a lot to play with. But the thinking , measuring twice, test cuts and trial run on the short side of the corner all paid off.

The rail fits perfectly!!

IMG_0572 IMG_0573 IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0576

Just because I am a show off.


I was so glad it fit that I danced the jig of happiness which I will spare you video of.



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3 Responses to Deck Railing Success

  1. Dave says:

    using the garlic now mmmmm ! it was good to catch up big fella i think anotthother dinner is required .


  2. Dave says:



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