For Fans Of Design Homework Part one.

Jenohdit (I have no idea how to say that name, or even if it is a name or a compilation) who commented on my For Fans Of Design post very kindly gave me some homework to do. Which, as I was swanning around in the Autumnal Australian sunshine instead of suffering in a North American winter, I have only just completed the first part of.

So here is a video of the homework. I hope I pass and have discovered what Jenohdit intended for me to find in doing this exercise. Either way I learned something new and thoroughly enjoyed the task which ‘exercised those little grey cells’ as Poirot would say.

So thank you Jenohdit.

Now to part 2.



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1 Response to For Fans Of Design Homework Part one.

  1. Kirsty says:

    I was reading j’s post this week and was totally confused do good job you!

    Sent from my iPhone 0455 596 443


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