Last Coat on the Bedroom Floor and a Mammoth Rhubarb Harvest

Today I got the last coat on the bedroom floor. I decided to fill the gaps between the sheets and I am glad I did. For once I read the instructions on the tin which said to fill after the first coat to prevent the filler staining. So I did that and curiously it didn’t stain so there you go. I think it looks great especially the reflections.

I also measured up the room for all the trim which will be the job for next week.

IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_0558 IMG_0559

The rhubarb has been going nuts so I harvested one bed and got about 15Kg, crikey what to do with it all? Well there is a 6Kg box in the post to sister Kirsty in Melbourne and I will take what we don’t need to work to share around. According to the folks who run the local nursery rhubarb makes a nice wine so I might have to give that a go to use the rhubarb glut.




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