Bedroom Sub Floor Preparation.

Today I sanded the bedroom floor in preparation for glueing down the ply sheeting that will be the finished floor. Not really a big deal but I thought I might share how well the Festool dust extraction works when sanding. For this I used the Festool RO150 hooked up to the CT36 vacuum. This system is fantastic as you will see. I hate sanding but this system makes sanding almost pleasurable. No dust. It is great being able to sand a whole floor and not have to sweep or clean dust of everything afterwards.

Here is some film

As you can see the floor is probably cleaner after sanding than before I started.

Here is some pics after sanding the whole floor. Nary a spec of dust. It is a real time saver barely having to clean up not to mention the health benefits of not having dust everywhere when you are working.

IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536

Festool is not cheap but it does work exactly as advertised and is a joy to use. Worth every cent I think.



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2 Responses to Bedroom Sub Floor Preparation.

  1. stan says:

    Health Benefits ? I think the horse has bolted Mr Robb AKA Mr Avtur Styvesant Pro-Seal.


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