Raised garden bed

In preparation for planting the 2015 garlic crop I have built a new raised garden bed. Theses beds are a perfect height for sitting on hence the boarder around the top which makes planting garlic very comfortable. There are 2 choices for the sleepers for these beds, second hand railway sleepers which are 8″ x 4″  or 200mm x 100mm Iron Bark and cost $30 to $40 depending on the condition or new Iron Bark sleepers the same size straight from the sawmill which cost $18. A no brainer really. The boarder around the top is made from 8″ x 2″.

I plan to build a heap of these beds as they are an excellent working height. Into each one I will plant a fruit tree and plant out the rest of the bed in another crop mostly garlic, as it is great for reducing pests in fruit trees, and also root crops. I planted an Excel Fig which is a heritage variety I bought from Diggers an Australian heritage seed and plant nursery in each bed today.


You can see how well the rhubarb is growing in this picIMG_0499

Full of 50/50 mushroom compost and turkey poo






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