Vesper Tools Sliding Bevel

I am getting to the stage in the build where I need to start doing the trim around windows, doors and walls. To do this accurately it is necessary to transfer the angles to be cut from the wall, for example, to the saw. The best tool for this job is a sliding bevel and the critical part of a sliding bevel is its locking mechanism. It must lock positively and not get in the way of taking off the angles.

I have known Chris Vesper of Vesper Tools for a number of years  having bought his 10″ square and a marking knife from him. I also catch up with him every year at the local woodworking show for a chat about tools and to watch him hand cut dovetails which he seems to do just for fun and to keep his hands busy while he chats (Chris works wood just as well as he works metal). Jo and I are big into supporting craftsmen where we can and Australians wherever possible (the lights in our house are from local glass blower Annette Blair who I have posted about before) so as I knew Chris makes one of the best sliding bevels you can buy I jumped on the net and a day later it arrived in the mail.

I will let the video say the rest but let me just say the locking mechanism clamps the blade like a vice and you would really need to mistreat the tool to get the setting to move. I didn’t mention it in the video but the inlay is Blackwood an Australian timber.



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