Tomato Hedge

Our tomatoes are growing extremely well this year, These are Italian heritage varieties Costoluto Genovese and Periforme Abruzzese. They have gone nuts and as you can see are over 6′ tall and still going, nicely hedging the front door. The poor Scarlet runner bean who’s flowers you can just see is struggling to pop it’s head over the top. It goes to show growing in pots can be very successful and easy. These are just self watering pots with organic potting mix and watered with the nutrient from the hydroponic Auto Pot system I also have going. The Auto Pot nutrient works out every cheaply $120 worth lasted me a year and saved us much much more than that in tasty Kale, Silverbeat and herbs harvested, not to mention the greens contributing to many yummy duck and chook eggs.


This is a random tomato growing in the the driveway it has self seeded in the compacted road base and is growing despite this and no other water but the rain. Wonder if it will fruit?




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