Software Defined Radio

I have got a new fun little toy for the computer. A NooElec NESDR Mini +0.5PPM TXCO USB TRL-SDR Receiver which receives from ~50 Mhz to ~2Ghz  and a NooElec Ham IT Up v1.2 Upconverter which allows tuning down to ~9Khz. I thought it would run on the new super computer I built but it will not work on USB3. So I had to partition my MAC and load Linux on it. So not only did I have to learn how to use the SDR but I had to learn how to use Linux as well. Luckily Angus is all over Linux and has been a big help with this. I think DOD will be very envious when he sees this.

The learning curve has been very steep for all this and I have much to learn but it is fascinating and a very practical way to learn about radio. Michael Ossmann who designed the HackRF One has some great educational SDR & GNU Radio video on his site and his HackRF One is on my wish list. The software I am using is GQRX and Dump1090. GQRX is not so difficult to learn but Dump1090 needed some compiling in Linux which was tricky – at least for me. I also have GNURadio which is fabulous but a little tricky, there is a huge amount of info on the interweb for this which is good.

TIP – If you click the Playlist down arrow on the embedded video you can select any of the 5 videos to watch.

This is the little Discone antenna on the roof (the one on top) that provides the very good VHF/UHF reception. I also have a long wire for HF but have not set it up yet.




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