Our House Stars on the Chasers TV show ‘The Checkout’

We were watching The Checkout on the ABC the other night and to much excitement our house featured on their episode on Electric Cars. In this episode Craig Reucassel runs out of power in his car on our road and so has to push it past our house to the wind turbines to get a charge. I did email them and let them know they could have just stopped in and filled up at our place from our off the grid solar supply but have yet to get a reply.

Here is the video from Youtube the house is about 3min in.



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1 Response to Our House Stars on the Chasers TV show ‘The Checkout’

  1. allanrobb says:

    Sonno, what a buzz: I recognized the concrete ford seen in the view from the car windows – crickey! sunset photos of wind turbines on electricity provider’s website, now this: I have a TV/Internet celeb son. LMAO! DoD

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