Annette Blair Glass Blower and Artist

I am a sucker for glass art, not the trinkets that they sell to tourists in Venice, although, I did get a little glass monk when I was there 30 odd years ago which I liked, but proper art like Chihuly and a fabulous local Annette Blair , the glass blower who made the lights for our lounge and dining room.

Last weekend Annette had her annual showing. So Jo, Callum and I went along and we didn’t leave empty handed. Which was a forgone conclusion really as our passion for glass is only surpassed by our passion for books. We really love how Annette paints portraits on glass bottles, painting a 2 dimensional picture on a 3 dimensional surface is amazing especially when you stand close and move slowly back and see a picture come together before your eyes.

We got one of her waney edge bowels in a lovely 1950’s green. I tried to show it off by taking the picture on a red blanket which sort of worked, I am no Kalyna Harasymiv, who I have mentioned before, though by any stretch.

IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0247



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1 Response to Annette Blair Glass Blower and Artist

  1. Kate says:

    Love it! Want some


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