2014 Garlic Harvest & Tagasaste In Flower


We have had a few hot days and no rain so I took the opportunity to harvest this years garlic. I has gone very well lots of fabulous large bulbs of Daves Favourite. It is actually Russian Red Rocambole but as it is Daves favourite that’s what we will be calling from now on. I hope he doesn’t mind being immortalised as garlic – sort of sums him up but – a man of many parts and smelly;) I will have to give him a kilo of garlic for free now to get out of the shit.

The height of the beds made harvesting quite easy. I just sat on the edge and moved my way around. The texture of the soil was great which made pulling them out very easy and there were lots of worms and other things that crawl and wiggle which is a wonderful sign of soil health. That is a Bay tree in the middle.


In the bed behind the garlic is Rhubarb and the taller plants in the middle are Raspberries. The round bed to the right has horseradish, comfrey and a pomegranate in the middle. and behind that is another round bed with more comfrey and a Jostaberry. The birds have taken all the Jostaberries already which would have been our first crop:(

IMG_0249 IMG_0250

Another big deal is the Tagasaste is flowering. They have been in less than a year which seems impressive to a novice gardener like myself to see them in flower already. They are lovely little white trumpet like flowers. It should be spectacular when they all hedge up and are in flower.

IMG_0240 IMG_0241Cheers


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