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Our House Stars on the Chasers TV show ‘The Checkout’

We were watching The Checkout on the ABC the other night and to much excitement our house featured on their episode on Electric Cars. In this episode Craig Reucassel runs out of power in his car on our road and … Continue reading

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Annette Blair Glass Blower and Artist

I am a sucker for glass art, not the trinkets that they sell to tourists in Venice, although, I did get a little glass monk when I was there 30 odd years ago which I liked, but proper art like … Continue reading

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2014 Garlic Harvest & Tagasaste In Flower

OiOi, We have had a few hot days and no rain so I took the opportunity to harvest this years garlic. I has gone very well lots of fabulous large bulbs of Daves Favourite. It is actually Russian Red Rocambole … Continue reading

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Monster Rhubarb

Well what do you do when the world gets all topsy turvy? Garden I say. Here is todays monster rhubarb harvest, the knife is for size comparison. And some more all wrapped in a Christmas bow as a gift for … Continue reading

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Annabels Florentine Tart

OiOi, Well I have been down with the dreaded lurgy for the last 2 days so no building. So I think I will share with you the Florentine tart I made the other day. It is one of Annabel Langbein’s … Continue reading

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Old Bloke builds Mac Pro Killing Super Computer

OiOi, Well the last time I built a computer was in the 1990’s and the first Pentium had just been released but for a utter computer noob it worked well. Since then I discovered the joys of Apple computers and … Continue reading

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The ducks new pond

Well we of a bit of rain today and our house now has water views I hope the landlord doesn’t put the rent up. The ducks are loving it though. Callum, Jo and I had to rescue the chooks and … Continue reading

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A Machine Heart

Yesterday when I was tiling I opted for the score and snap tile cutter instead of the grinder with the diamond blade. Not only was it the better tool for that particular job but the tranquillity was fabulous. Then today … Continue reading

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Second wall in the toilet tiled and the roses are Bloomin’ Lovely.

OiOi, After a couple of weeks of life getting in the way of house building I cracked on yesterday and tiled another wall in the toilet. I am getting faster this wall only took me half a day. The next … Continue reading

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