We are making electricity

A most exciting day today. A year after the solar array blew out of the ground we are making free electricity again. Stan flew over from Thailand to lend his expertise to the job and with DOD as TA we got the job done in 2 half days and 2 trips to town to get more bits. The weather was not fantastic as it was blowing half a gale but you get that when you are next to a wind farm.

Making electricity, the second (oops its the first) law of thermodynamics is wonderful, taking energy from the sun and changing it to electrical energy.


After trying a number of companies in Australia and getting no help at all I got the Midnight Solar breaker boxes and circuit breakers from Jennie and the people at  Independent Power in NZ who were absolutely fabulous to deal with. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived the next Monday too easy.


Professional looking job what. The reason for the 2 boxes is that the Australian Standard requires breakers on both the positive and negative sides of the circuit. Overkill I know but there you go who am I to argue with the regulator. Thats 2.5Kw done, 3 more banks and 7.5Kw to go.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005Cheers


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