Tagasaste – Tree Lucerne

Tagasaste or tree lucerne from what I have read on the internet is perhaps one of the must have plants in any organic/biodynamic/permaculture system. The combination of DROUGHT PROOF stock fodder, bee fodder, nitrogen fixing, chook fodder, high protein seed, mulch and compost making make it essential. Add to this a quick growing hedge and wind break – essential when living next to a wind farm it doesn’t get any better as a farm tree par excellence.

But wait there is more…

It just grows.

These 3 pictures are of Tagasaste I planted in January this year a week before we had a month of 40 degree days and no rain. I did nothing for them other than put them in the ground and tip prune them I planted 20 with no losses. The only water they got was when it finally rained in February/March. This pic was taken last week growing well ready for more tip pruning all of which goes to the chooks.

IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642

This is a picture of a seedling I planted in May. It has survived all winter in its tube, we had 6 days this winter of -7 degree frosts and many others below zero. Lots of new growth as you can see. Again I did nothing other than put it in the ground and protect it from rabbits. I planted another 20 again with no losses.


And there is more…

This is a picture of a fully grown tree. Tagasaste is a beautiful tree as well.



Obviously I will be planting a lot of these. We plan to have some milk goats for cheese eventually. One of my ideas is to plant one tagasaste tree per goat per day for herbaceous goat browse so we can survive our variable rain patterns without buying stock feed and increase the sustainability of our property.



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