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We are making electricity

A most exciting day today. A year after the solar array blew out of the ground we are making free electricity again. Stan flew over from Thailand to lend his expertise to the job and with DOD as TA we … Continue reading

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Sunset at the farm

DOD took these tonight. The wind turbines look spectacular framed by the sunset. Cheers Franky

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The only Rhubarb Crumble recipe you will ever need

I harvested some more Rhubarb this week so what to do with it? Well I posted some to my sister much to the amusement and envy of her co workers. I even had to go and harvest some more to … Continue reading

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Tiling the toilet continued – one wall done.

I finished the first wall in the toilet today. I must say I am rather chuffed with the result. Cheers Franky

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Tiling The Toilet Begins

Tiling the toilet started today with the help of DOD who is staying out at the farm with Heather for a while. DOD put on 2 coats of sealer over the weekend so it was ready today for the tiles. … Continue reading

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Happy 21st Gabrielle

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Tagasaste – Tree Lucerne

Tagasaste or tree lucerne from what I have read on the internet is perhaps one of the must have plants in any organic/biodynamic/permaculture system. The combination of DROUGHT PROOF stock fodder, bee fodder, nitrogen fixing, chook fodder, high protein seed, … Continue reading

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The Owl and The Pussycat

Those of you who have read the ‘About’ part of this blog will know that Winsome Hall is where the Owl and The Pussycat live. Why the Owl and The Pussycat? Well to put it simply The Owl and The … Continue reading

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