Last bedroom door fitted

I fitted the last bedroom door today which should stop the finches from making nests in our insulation.

The door fitted perfectly. A bit too perfectly as I realised from the inside as I was taking the picture below – with no door handle fitted to get the door open so I could get out of the room. A bit of a Homer Simpson moment but we have the same amount of fingers so not unusual.



I set all the hinges on my doors with this butt mortice plane made by Lie Neilson which I bought from Henry Eckert. It is fabulous, cool looking, works as advertised, is accurate, fast, easier than a router and template as well as quieter and CHEAPER. It takes 2 bites to do the doors which are pine and hardboard but eats up the maple door jambs. It is important to go with the grain to prevent tear out though.




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2 Responses to Last bedroom door fitted

  1. simon standing says:

    Don’t forget to let me know when I have to advertise for tenants How far away are you ?

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