New solar panel frame begins

As my first solar frame blew out of the ground in a huge storm last year I have been saving up for solar frame mark 2 which I began today. My plan for this frame is more steel, deeper in the ground and a lower angle (35 deg instead of 60 deg) so it is not so much of a sail and 4 smaller arrays instead of the 2 previous big ones. We have 10Kw of panels so with the lower angle we will still have more than enough power. I got one frame done today and it came up pretty well. Only 15 more to go. Please don’t laugh too much at my welding I am very good with a grinder so it will look great in the end. I do like the Strong Hand welding clamp I got at M&G Industrial in Canberra. Not cheap but you get your moneys worth it is a serious lump of metal, the name says it all. If only I could weld as well as it held the steel. It worked perfectly much better than the previous cheap one that is somewhere in the paddock where it landed in a fit of frustration – I will probably find it one day with the slasher. 

Weld the front and corner

Weld the front and corner

Flipped to weld other side

Flipped to weld other side, no need to unclamp

Square it is minimal spring back

Square and with minimal spring back

The finished frame

The finished frame



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